Thanks to our Donors

Thank you to our donors of all levels who have made contributions from $50 to $350,000 to this privately funded initiative. Several of our founding and leadership donors have made their gifts as matching funds, which has enabled even greater success to our fundraising. All donations will help provide a new level of safety and security to our community in the short and long term. The Santa Barbara Foundation is our fiscal sponsor where tax-deductible donations can be made.   

93108 Fund
Pat and Evan Aptaker
Betsy Atwater
American Riviera Bank
August One Foundation
Marta Holsman Babson
Sherri Ball
Margo and Jeff Barbakow
Leon Bartholomew
Susie and Riley Bechtel
Mary Becker
Kelly Bilek
Richard and Patricia Blake
F. Blue
Kelly and Hugh Boss
James S. Bower Foundation
Susan and Jeff Bridges
Merryl Brown
Hope Bryant
Liz Bush
Carolyn and Andrew Butcher
Abraham Carranza
Hayley Carty
Cathy Cash and Bruce McRoy
Stephen Cherner
Clearwater Engineering
Betsy and Ken Coates
Christa Coffin/RHC Construction
Colin Rentals
Terry Connery
Judy and Bruce Conroy
Ted and Susie Cronin
Carmen d’Angelo
Dancing Tides Foundation
The Harryette & Jerry David Family Foundation
Jennifer Davila
Jeff Devine
Bobbi and Paul Didier
Janet and Craig Duchossois
Lori Bowles and Luke Ebbin
Jettie M. Edwards
Carole and Donald Eversoll
Beverlye and Bob Fead
Gary Finefrock
Gwyn Lurie and Les Firestein
Corby Fisher
Carolyn Fitzgerald
Fannie Flagg
Tisha Ford
G.A. Fowler Family Foundation
Deb and Stuart Fuss
Barbara Gallisath
William Geyer
Bruce Giffin
Dolores and Freddy Gilmore
Brian Goebel
Melinda Goodman and Robert Kemp
Martin Gore
Tipper Gore
Peter Gray
David Green
Michelle and Scott Greer
Alan Griffin
Patricia Griffin
Stuart Grossman
Lisa and George Hagerman
Christine Hall

Deirdre Hanssen
Joe Hardin
Alison Hardey/Jeannine’s Restaurant
Vicki and Bob Hazard
Andrea and Ron Hein
Wilkie Brothers Foundation
Patricia Herman
Patsy and Steve Hicks
Robert Hirsch
Joan and Robert Hollman
Henry Hortenstine
Loretta W. Hubbard
Jason Hughes
Nancy Hunter
Imagine Artful Things, Inc.
The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
Finley Jacobs
Hollye and Jeff Jacobs
Doralee Jacobson
Josiah Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson
Karen Johnson
Stephen Jones
Irma and Morrie Jurkowitz
Rebecca Kaye
David W. Keller
Karen and Jeffrey Kearns
Brad Kerwin
Bill Kimsey
The Kirby-Jones Foundation
Carol Kirch
Jeffrey Klarik
Alex and Amanda Koper
Bill Korchinski and Cynthia Withers
David Kronen
Barbara Kummer
Beth Laurie
Kristin and Bill Loomis
Fred Lukas
Leatrice Luria
Pat and William MacKinnon
Calvin D. Marble
Priscilla T. Marshall
Siri and Bob Marshall
The Matthews Salazar Imagitas Foundation
Suzanne and Gilbert Matthews
Mosher Foundation
Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation
The Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation
Marni and Sears McGee
Jacquie and Harry McMahon
Brian McWilliams
Diana Meehan
Chrysta Metzger
Randi Miller
Mirielle and Chris Mills
Cathy and Bruce Milner
Montecito Journal
Montecito Retirement Association/Casa Dorinda
Joanne Moran and Mitchell Kauffman
Mary and Jim Morouse
J. Morrison
Rita and Steve Moya
Edward Mullen
Nick Munday
Nakasone Family Foundation

The Nevins Family Fund
Danit and Kevin Nuckels/Tech West
Natalie Orfalea Foundation
Janice and Richard Lee Pearson
Patricia and Carl Perry, and Patricia Thompson
Kathleen Peterson
Susan Petrovich
Lizze and Brent Peus
Poppy Popowich
Connie Pratt
Stacy and Ron Pulice
The Blue Dot Foundation
The Reitman Foundation
Stacey Renker
Adam and Kira Rhodes/WWW Foundation
Valarie and AJ Rice
R. Kent Richards
Riskin Partners
Joan and Jerry Rocco
Jean Rogers
Emily Roos
Mary Rose
M. Rosecrance
Rand Rosenberg
Virginia Roth Redmon
Carol Sacks
Michele and Andre Saltoun
Jo and Ken Saxon
Stephen Schaible
Mark Scher
Henry Scherck
Richard C. Schultz
Linda and Mark Schwartz
Robert R. Short
Robertson Short
Herbert Simon Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Ken Slaught
Mary Smith
Roxanna and Randy Solakian
Michelle Spiva
Mark Stark
Suzanne and John Steed
Debra Stewart
Vera Sutter
Becky and Ted Swift
Julia and Robert Teufel
Patricia Tisch
The Susanne and Gary Tobey Family Foundation
Anne S. Towbes
Sandra and Sam Tyler
Bill Vaughan
Marlene and Bob Veloz
Betsy B. Watson
Nicholas N. Weber
Carol Weingartner
Another Chapter Productions
Karl J. Weis
James N. Wilson
Oprah Winfrey
Lisa and David Wolf
The Richard Wolf Trust
Marjorie and William Woodward
Judith and George Writer
Crystal Wyatt
The Yellow Crowned Foundation