Thanks to our Donors

Thank you to our donors for their financial support to meet the critical need of identifying and implementing life and property mitigation measures that will protect our community going forward. The Santa Barbara Foundation is our fiscal sponsor where tax-deductible donations can be made.   

Craig and Susan McCaw Foundation
Herb Simon
Hollye and Jeff Jacobs
Fowler Family Foundation
James S. Bower Foundation

Jillian and Pete Muller
Lisa and George Hagerman
Suzanne and Gilbert Matthews
The Matthews Salazar Imagitas Foundation
The Reitmann Foundation
The Richard Wolf Trust 2003

Tipper Gore
The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
The Blue Dot Foundation
Riley and Susie Bechtel
Riskin Partners


AJ and Valerie Rice
Alan and Patricia Griffin
Alison Hardy
Alixe Mattingly
American Riviera Bank
Andrea Hein
Andre and Michele Saltoun
Anne Towbes
Another Chapter Productions
AugustOne Foundation
Barbara Kummer
Betsy Atwater
Betsy Watson
Beverlye and Bob Fead
Billie Vrtiak
Bill Kimsey
Bob and Siri Marshall
Bobbi and Paul Didier
Bob Short
Brad Kerwin
Brian Goebel
Brian Williams
Bruce and Judi Conroy
Bruce Giffen
Carmen d’Angelo
Casa Dorinda
Cathy Cash and Bruce McRoy
Christine Hall
Clearwater Engineering
Connie Pratt
Crystal and Cliff Wyatt
Crystal Metzger
David and Ruth Green
David Keller
Deb and Stuart Fuss
Diane Popowich
Dolores and Freddy Gilmore
Donald and Carole Eversoll
Dorinne and George Johnson

Edward and Susan Cronin
Fannie Flagg    
Findley Jacobs
Fred Lucas
Gary Finefrock
George Johnson
Harryette and Jerry David
Harry Scherck
Hollye and Jeff Jacobs
J.R. Morrison
Jacqueline and Harry McMahon Family Fund
James Wilson
Jason and Sharon Hughes
Jean Rogers
Jeff DeVine
Jerry and Joan Rocco
Joan and Robert Hollman
Joane Moran
Joe Cole
John Steed
Judith Writer
Karen Johnson
Kay Peterson
Kelly and Hugh Boss
Ken and Betsy Coates
Ken and Jo Saxon
Kenneth and Elizabeth Slaught
Krista and Mike Coffin
Krista Coffin
Lea Luria
Leon Bartholomew
Les Firestein and Gwyn Lurie
Liz Bush
Lizzie and Brent Peus
Luke Ebbins
Marjorie Woodward
Mark Scher
Mark Schwartz
Mark Stark
Marta Babson

Martin and Kerrilee Gore
Mary Becker
Mary Rose
Melinda Goodman and Robert Kemp
Merryl Brown
Michelle Spiva
Mirielle and Chris Mills
Montecito Journal
Montecito Retirement Association (Casa Dorinda)
Morrie and Irma Jurkowitz
Mosher Foundation
Nakasone Family Foundation
Nancy Hunter
Natalie Orfalea Foundation
Nevins Family Fund
Page Roos Trust
Pat and Bill McKinnon
Pat McElroy
Paul and Bobbi Didier
Randi Miller
Rebecca Kaye
Robert and Victoria Hazard
Ron and Stacy Pulice
Roxanna and Randy Solakian
Sherri Ball
Stacey Renker
Stephen and Patsy Hicks
Steve and Rita Moya
Stuart Grossman
Susan Petrovich
Terry Connery
The Kirby-Jones Foundation
Tisha Ford
Vera Sutter
Virginia Roth Redmon
Wilkie Brothers Foundation
Will and Maggie Geyer
William R. Loomis
WWW Foundation