The Facts of the Ring-Net Proposal


The Partnership for Resilient Communities was formed in the wake of the 1/9 Debris Flow in Montecito that caused the deaths of 23 residents, injuries to 165 others, and a total loss or damage to 527 homes. Twenty-eight commercial buildings were damaged or destroyed. The 101 highway was closed for two weeks, disrupting the economy of the entire State of California. Property values in Montecito have taken a significant hit. Resilient Communities is a group of local citizens who came together to research if there was anything that could be done to assist our local government in the recovery and to see what possible mitigation strategies might be available to us. Recently, the Independent published an opinion piece by a community member that needs a response. The facts about our proposal are listed here, as well as the experts who have studied our mountains and advised on a solution that could help protect us.

Megan Miley