The Partnership for Resilient Communities is a nonprofit organization focused on safety and resiliency in support of and to augment public sector efforts in Santa Barbara County. We are local residents compelled to act after the tragic Thomas Fire and 1/9 Debris Flow in Montecito. The risk of debris flows remains high. We have an opportunity to act on warnings and scientific data with current technologies to reduce this risk.


Montecito debris nets could be installed in coming weeks

“The Partnership for Resilient Communities, a group of Montecito residents, is making major progress on their ambitious plan to install debris flow nets above Montecito. So far, the group has managed to crowdfund millions of dollars to order the nets that could help prevent another tragedy…”


California community hopes steel nets will protect against mudslides

“Residents in an area with high risk of mudslides believe steel mesh nets from Switzerland are the key to stopping the next deadly tragedy. They function as a “shock absorber” to stop rocks from bursting through…”

We are Still at Risk

Over the next 5 YEARS, our community is at risk for additional debris flows. Revegetation has been sparse and drought remains. Weather experts predict El Niño conditions this fall and winter, bringing higher than average rainfall and intensity. Field and aerial studies by geologists pinpoint more debris, boulders and risk in our hills.  

What We Can We Do Now 

We cannot prevent rain, flood and debris flow. But we CAN leverage best practices from around the world to reduce the impact of the next debris flow. We have worked closely with our public agencies to activate private, non-profit and government funding to get more done, faster.  

KANE GeoTech, Inc.

KANE GeoTech, Inc.