What We've Accomplished


We developed and proposed a 3-Part Emergency Solution including steel mesh debris nets; enhanced monitoring; and accelerated revegetation. We feel these nets are crucial for the urgent protection of life and property in Montecito.

Public Private Partnership and Leadership  

Immediately after the disaster, we asked County leadership what they needed. In response, we created a Public Private Partnership with the County of Santa Barbara and provided experts experienced with major disasters, emergency management, hazard mitigation, and FEMA cost recovery.

Risk Assessment

We engaged several experts to help understand our future risk and the best options to reduce the risk.  

  • Retained Geohazard experts to advise the County of Santa Barbara and us on the risks remaining in the hills, and possible ways to lessen the destructive impacts of future debris flow.

  • We negotiated and subsidized a contract with a private meteorologist to assist in early detection of dangerous weather systems and provided to the Montecito Fire Protection District for their use.

  • We purchased LIDAR (extensive military grade topographic mapping) from a private defense contractor and are working worked with Dr. Tom Dunne at the Bren School to analyze the data and make predictions about what is left to come down the mountain.


We have an opportunity to finally act on warnings, scientific data, and current technologies to reduce the high potential for calamitous debris flow in Montecito. Thanks to generous private and philanthropic donors, we are halfway to our goal of raising $5.6M for urgent emergency measures. We continue to work with the County, state, FEMA, US Forest Service and private experts to find and secure funding additional funding for short, medium and long term mitigation solutions.

The amount of the 3-Part Solution that can be implemented is in direct proportion to the amount of money raised. We need your help!


"Our community is fortunate to be graced by so many unselfish and dedicated heroes amongst us. The Partnership for Resilient Communities should, definitely, be counted as one of our community treasures!"

– Charlene Nagel
President, Montecito Association